Hard to believe that we launched the Secret Sound Contest 4 days ago and with guesses every other hour from 6am through 4pm each day, no one has figured this thing out, but the quest continues.

Figuring a little extra aid, in the form of another clue, might help to correctly identify the sound, we're going to provide just that.

KISS Country Secret Sound Clue #2

Not opening and closing a door, but more like a lid

Course if you missed Clue #1 that we released yesterday, here you go.

KISS Country Secret Sound Clue #1

An office necessity

Be listening every other hour from 6:00 am all the way through 4:00 pm for your chance to correctly (and specifically) identify the Secret Sound and win $700.

If we get a winner today, we'll begin Monday morning with a brand new clue worth $800.  If we don't we'll pick up where we leave off today with the same sound and a new clue.

Good luck!  Don't forget the phone number is 318-320-5477

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