It took a full 5 different clues in Kiss Country's Secret Sound Contest, but Cassie Loftin knew just exactly what that Secret Sound was to take home a whopping $800 just in time for Christmas.

Identifying the sound as "a key dropping into a coffee cup" scored Cassie the $800!

That's awesome news, but the absolute best news is that we've still got a lot of money to give away! How about $1,000 if you can identify our next Secret Sound!

We'll play it for the very first time starting in the 6:00 am hour tomorrow morning with Gary & Bristol.

Be the 9th caller to 320-KISS (320-5477) when we play the sound. Correctly identify it and you'll take home an extra paycheck of $1,000 to make Christmas really special this year. We'll continue with that sound until we get a winner. And we play every even numbered hour from 6:00 am each weekday, all the way through the 4:00 pm hour.

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