Chris Young writes and sings sexy love songs, but he hasn't always been eager to talk about it. The 32-year-old says that leading up to the release of his new Losing Sleep album, he's ready to embrace his sexy side.

"At the beginning of my career it was like, 'Yeah, yeah, 'Gettin' You Home' is sexy, cool.' And that was like the end of my answer in interviews," he tells Taste of Country. The title track of new album (Oct. 20) qualifies as 'sexy,' but there are several more — like "The Radio and the Rain" and "Leave Me Wanting More" — for fans to enjoy, as well.

"Dude, I write a lot of sexy love songs," he adds. "I can’t get away from it. What am I gonna do?"

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As for the inspiration behind writing those songs? Spoiler alert: it's not as hot as you're thinking. In fact, Young says those moments are some of his least sexy times in life.

"Normally in a co-write it's like basketball shorts and flip flops and a hat," he admits. "You really do have to think about someone or a moment where you were with someone to get to that point."

And because we know you're wondering, Young does sing to people he's in a relationship with. Sometimes. "That's not like a thing that I do to start a relationship," he says. "I sing to not act awkward."

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