In the state of Oklahoma, sex offenders are not allowed to live 1,000 feet from schools, child care facilities, or playgrounds. However, there is no law or order when it comes to sex offenders living close to their victims. 21 year old Danyelle Dyer is helping change that. Dyer's uncle Harold English, 65, was convicted of lewd molestation and served over 12 years in prison. Upon his release English moved in with his mom, who is Dyer's grandmother. Dyer, who lives next door to her grandmother was stunned when she was walking home one day and saw Harold English outside of her grandma's home. That is when Dyer sprung into action and took her uncle to court. Judge Richard Woolery granted the order against Harold English, English will be forced to find a new home. Five different states have restrictions in place protecting victims from their sexual assailants. In those five states that include Tennessee and Alabama there are restrictions as to how far an offender can reside from their victim.

“I was pretty outraged, but I have channeled that rage into a more positive outlet, which, for me, is sharing my story and empowering other victims of sexual assault." said Danyelle Dyer. Dyer is helping make history and with the help of State Rep. Kyle Hilbert they will hopefully get a Bill passed in 2018 that will protect sexual assault victims and restrict where their assailants can live.

If you're thinking "Where have I heard something similar to this?" Does the name Earl Coleman sound familiar? If you need to refresh your memory and read the article, click here.

Courtesy of East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office
Courtesy of East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office

A Louisiana man, Earl Coleman was convicted of rape and was released on parole While Coleman awaited sentencing, he moved in with his mom down the street from the 8 year old victim. The victims mother was outraged and begged authorities to intervene as she was scared for her and her daughters safety.

What are your thoughts? Should a sexual assailant be allowed to live near their victims?

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