Monday, December 2nd is 'National Mutt Day' and being the lover of all things fur baby, you know I'll be celebrating at my house!

I have four mutts of of my own... a cat... two horses... a hen that adopted us... my Mom's two horses... her three dogs... We've got an entire farm full of animals!

Technically, a mutt is a mixed breed dog. Since all of ours were strays or rescues, all of ours are mutts and we wouldn't have it any different! I don't judge folks who feel the need to purchase pedigreed dogs... much... But I'm passionate about rescue. We have tons of dogs and cats looking for their forever homes at local rescues, some of them purebred, just without the papers!

Without further ado, here's my posse of mutts


1. Mikey is a Dachshund that I got when he jumped into the back of my trunk here at the radio station. He was so scrawny I thought he was a rat, but this little dude followed me around everywhere and I had to take him home!


2. Cam, is short for camel... as in the color. He got the name when he was picked up as a stray. He's camel colored and that's how he was identified. By the time I adopted him from a couple who had been fostering him in Haughton, the name stuck. This guy is the biggest cuddle bug ever and is deathly afraid of storms. If mother nature is acting up, you better believe this guy will be right on top of you!

Bristol/Pet Savers Shreveport Facebook Page

3. Meet my sweet baby Cyrus! I saw him on Facebook back in August of 2016 and something just clicked. I had to have him. I went straight to Pet Savers in Shreveport the next day and he went straight home with me. He's put on tons of weight since joining my clan and he's a favorite at a lot of our station sponsored events. The kids just love him! I figure Cyrus is some sort of Bullmastiff/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. He tips the scales at 115 lbs and he's all lap dog. I had to finally get a bigger bed when I added Cy to the family and I'd do it all over again.


4. Finally, we have Cajun. I saw him available at Bossier Animal Control and much like Cyrus, I had to go get him... that day! He's an English Mastiff and the slobber is REAL! And he's huge... as in 184 pounds of love... and he's lost weight!