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It is expected today that both the CDC and Biden administration will be issuing new COVID guidelines to help combat the 'Delta Variant' spike in the United States - the new recommendations will include the recommendation that some fully vaccinated individuals return to wearing a mask in social settings. This is a change from the recommendations and advice issued by both President Biden and the CDC two months ago.

The new guidance will recommend that everyone use a mask indoors in areas with high transmission rates. The new rules also suggest that anyone, vaccinated or not, that are immunocompromised, have serious health issues or elderly return to wearing a mask until vaccination rates increase.

According to NBC News, the new guidelines that are being issued came after heavy debate between doctors and the President's camp. Some fear that a widespread mask mandate could stunt the public's desire to get vaccinated, while others believe they have to do something to help protect those that are currently unvaccinated.

The President and administration officials have continually said that roughly 97% of those who are hospitalized with COVID-19 are unvaccinated and the best way to avoid serious illness is to get vaccinated.

In fact, as of Monday according to the NBC News report, the White House will make no changes to their internal policies. Meaning that those who have been fully vaccinated will not be required to wear a mask. Press Secretary Jen Psaki also said President Biden will continue engaging with the public and attending large gatherings.

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