This video shows state representative Terry Brown confused about what his vote actually was and what he wants to change it to. I'll give this to him: yay and nay do sound similar, but do you want the bill to pass or not? You have to think this sort of thing is why people are so skeptical of the work getting done in Baton Rouge.

Rep. Terry Brown (District 22 of Louisiana) voted for one of the largest tax increases in Louisiana History on June 19, 2016 in the Louisiana House of Representatives. HB 38 was a bill which would have raised effective Louisiana income tax rates by "reducing the amount of the individual income tax deduction for excess federal itemized personal deductions." Rep. Terry Brown voted for the tax increase, but after the bill failed to pass he presented a request to change his vote so that the official record would state that he voted against the tax increase although he actually voted for it. The official House Session Journal reads: "Rep. Terry Brown requested the House consent to correct his vote on final passage of House Bill No. 38 from yea to nay, which consent was unanimously granted." Rep. Terry Brown changed the official record of his vote in order to hide from his constituents the fact that he actually voted to raise their taxes. Rep. Terry Brown tried to cover his tracks, but the video reveals the embarrassing truth.

Moon Griffon has talked about this often on his show. The rule book in the state house allows lawmakers to change their vote after it happens. The official record will not show that the vote was changed, but just "yay" or "nay". The change cannot affect the outcome of the vote, but it seems to be an easy way for lawmakers to 'correct' their record.

What do you think?

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