According to I need to sit down and have a conversation with my boyfriend. He drives a Toyota, which placed first on the brand of car that cheating men drive. Since I drive a box on wheels that's a Honda, I probably should tread carefully since the Honda placed first as the car that cheating women drive. A survey was conducted by the most popular website for adultery who we all have probably heard about, Ashley Madison. Remember when was hacked in July of 2015 and so many community leaders were exposed as cheaters? Yeah, that's the website that revealed the cars that most cheaters drive. The responses were broken up into 1,080 women, and 2,520 men. I expected BMW and Jaguar to top the list, I was way off. These results just prove the point that the former CEO of Ashley Madison tried to make. Most spouses who cheat are your regular Dick and Jane's just driving average cars to meet up with their extra marital flames. "Cars can represent a lifestyle, denote financial success and show personality but our survey clearly proves that people having affairs are everyday people," said Noel Biderman the Former CEO of Ashley Madison.

Well, here's the break down by gender.

1. Toyota (20.9%)
2. Ford (12.3%)
3. Chevy (10.2%)
4. Honda (7.1%)
5. BMW (6.4%)
6. Dodge (5.8)
7. Nissan (4.8%)
8. Jeep (4.8%)
9. GMC (3.2%)
10. Mercedes (2.9%)

1. Honda (22.3%)
2. Ford (13.4%)
3. Toyota (10.3%)
4. Chevy (7.3%)
5. Mercedes (6.6%)
6. Nissan (5.6%)
7. Chrysler (4.3%)
8. Dodge (4.2%)
9. BMW (3.9%)
10. Volkswagen (2.8%)

I guess if my man wants me to stay loyal, he should invest in that Range Rover I have had my eye on. JUST KIDDING! Are you surprised that certain cars didn't make the list?

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