A Shreveport Favorite is Closing Its Doors.

If you have never tried Cajun Asian you are missing out, the good news is even though the restaurant is closing its doors it will continue to serve up many of its delicious items from its menu when you catch its food truck. Check out the restaurant's heartfelt letter to their community below.

"With heavy, yet happy hearts we are officially closing our restaurant doors.
With 4 years in the industry, that’s something to be proud of! And it’s not over!
The people who know us & have supported us, know the blood, sweat, tears that we have poured into the brick in mortars. We opened just months before the pandemic & SURVIVED IT another 3 years!
We started the restaurant when our youngest was just 4 months old, our oldest was just 3, we have missed out on some of the most important times in our sons lives; many family vacations, school performances, school events, struggled with keeping up homework, beating ourselves up for not being able to be there. There were many nights we should have spent with them, instead we were up rolling eggrolls, wontons and changing out the fry oil.
When we started the food truck, it was just a proof of concept, it blew up in such a short amount of time. We quickly realized that we were 1. Depending on just ourselves to show up, and we ALWAYS did and 2. With us working the truck, the overhead was lower and the hours… my goodness the hours. Going from restaurant hours of 8am until 11pm straight, to 2 hour shifts in the truck, making more profit due to less overhead, was EYE opening!!! Our quality of life has changed so dramatically. We started being able to go to school events, take our kids to do more activities, enroll in extra curriculars, attend family gatherings, and be present.
No amount of money can buy back time.
We would not be where we are at today without our friends & supporters over the years. We are so grateful for each & every one of you that have shared a post, dined in, caught us at the truck; you guys have made this entire experience worth it.
We put out a crazy, weird concept and you guys welcomed it with open arms! To say we have made it this far with the support of you all, is such an achievement. We are proud of everything we have done to get to where we are, so please don’t be sad for us. We are incredibly blessed to be able to continue to serve you all.
We are now working on expanding the food trailer to be able to offer 90% of the restaurant menu. We will be merging both of our pages to become just the catering & food trailer page so you can find & follow us to get your fix.
In the mean time, my father and Ryan’s father in law who taught him everything he knows on the wok, owns Pho L’amour at 530 E Kings Hwy & a lot of our recipes are inspired by his, so if you’re craving any of our more authentic dishes, he has them all!
Thank you for reading this if you got this far.
We love you all and can’t wait to prove our supporters right and those who doubt us wrong ❤️
-Ryan & Amy Dunning
Forever your Cajun Asians"

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