We love hearing about parents sharing the outdoors with their kids. This week we celebrate eight year old Riley Lester, his Dad Justin is a proud dad to say the least! "Riley is an avid outdoors man. I started taking him to the Deer stand with me at the age of four, as soon as his mother would let me. At the age of 5 he was really wanting to take a deer by himself" recalls Justin Lester. "So I bought  him a youth crossbow. I wasn't thinking he would actually be able to shoot it that year, but he (Riley) learned how to shoot it, and was actually really good with it." Riley got his first deer with his crossbow and it only took him two weeks to do so.

Justin Lester encourages many parents to take their kids out and show them what the outdoors are all about. "Some of our best memories have been made in a deer stand over the past 3 seasons. If parents would spend time and show their kids a little bit about the outdoors, I think it will keep a lot of kids out of trouble. Why not teach your kids to love the outdoors instead of being stuck inside and playing video games?" Justin Lester says he loves cheering his son on and teaching him to harvest the deer. Hey Riley, we are still waiting on that deer jerky!

If you have a kiddo who loves the outdoors and has had a blast this deer season share their story with us here.

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