It's been called a Brosectamy by The Wall Street Journal. Why pay $500 for a vasectomy when you can pay double, and make it a party with a few of your closest friends?

Vasectomy: Medical sterilization procedure for men who don't want to procreate.

Brosectomy: Same thing as a Vasectomy but with booze, snacks, and your closest friends.

A lot of men who have been a part of these Brosectomy parties think that it is totally worth it. Some groups of men have even had a limousine transport them to and from the clinic. Rob Ferretti who has his own YouTube channel, took a trip to Virginia with his best friend Jeb Lopez to Obsidian Men's Health clinic, and made a fun trip out of getting a vasectomy. They enjoyed steaks and drinks shortly after the 40 minute procedure. Ferretti made a YouTube video to document their experience. In Ferretti's YouTube video he's sipping on some Glenfiddich 15 throughout the procedure.  Ferretti's YouTube channel is about fast cars and his exotic car rental company. His subscribers are in for a treat when they click on that video.

It's becoming a new trend, and many men are getting their friends together and booking Brosectomy parties. Here in the the Ark-La-Tex most of the men get together to go to car shows, fishing, and hunting. Do you think these Southern boy's would get together for a Brosectomy?

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