What Does Flattening the Curve Mean?
Dr. Emily Porter is a board-certified emergency physician and used her 15 years of experience to explain why it's imperative that we all stay home to give our friends and family members a fighting chance.
If You Use Bobby Pins You Need to Read This
Did you know you can swallow a bobby pin? By accident of course. I have used bobby pins multiple times, and I am part of the majority that holds a bobby pin in their mouth while they're getting ready. A few weeks ago I met a young girl while I was out and about and she showed up with her mom to…
Brosectomy Parties the New Trend Among Men
It's been called a Brosectamy by The Wall Street Journal. Why pay $500 for a vasectomy when you can pay double, and make it a party with a few of your closest friends?
Vasectomy: Medical sterilization procedure for men who don't want to procreate...