You can just hear the pure joy in Brittany Jellum's voice. She reeks of kindness, compassion and full-on Christian faith. But, it's the way she acts on her faith that made her a shoe-in for this week's Kiss Country Caught in the Act Award!

Nominated by her friend, Lindsay Ferrington, Brittany's community service and love for others, makes us all want to be better people. She's involved in so many different ministries that it's hard to imagine how she could do more. But, somehow she manages to also help perfect strangers when they need a hand the most. She's just that kind of person. And, the happiness she gets from those acts of kindness is unmistakable with even the slightest conversation with her.

Just look at the nomination letter we got from Lindsay, and you'll easily see why we are all honored to have Brittany among us!

I would like to nominate my friend, Brittany Jellum for the Caught in the Act Award. She is truly one of the best people I know. She works in home health and is always going above and beyond what is required for her patients. She helps them move furniture, buys clothes for them (with her own money), takes them food, mows lawns, etc. She does so many things that aren't related to the physical therapy she provides as her job. She is active in many ministries like Proverbs 31 Ministries, Women of Courage, Purchased Not for Sale, and A Night to Shine. She volunteers her time, talents, and money to so many great causes. She goes on mission trips to the Ukraine to help with Vacation Bible School events there. She has even picked up elderly strangers she sees walking down the road in inclement weather. She has bought winter clothes for struggling families so that they can stay warm and Christmas presents for kids that wouldn't get them otherwise. She goes to visit her elderly great-uncle in a nursing home daily to take him snacks and try to brighten his days. The list goes on and on. This is why I think Brittany deserves the Caught in the Act Award.

Brittany Jellum, thank you for being an inspiration to us all and a big reason why this is the greatest place in America to live!

And because you've been "Caught in the Act" the gang at Silver Star Smokehouse and Silver Star Grille have a $100 Gift Certificate for you to come have dinner on them!

Take a listen to the phone call we made to Brittany to let her know that she was this week's Caught In The Act Award recipient.

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