Back before our big party Patty in the Plaza party in March, Gary and I made a bet regarding who could ride the mechanical bull at the event the longest... the winner got 20 boxes of Girl Scout cookies!

I won and Gary paid up, but I promised him, for keeping his word, I'd make he and his family a Thin Mint crust cheese cake and last night, better late than never, I hit the kitchen!

This is the second time I've made this cheesecake and I won't lie, I pretty much made it up. First, get yourself some disposable foil pans and some no bake cheesecake mix. I used the Jello brand kind.

I used a tube and a half of Thin Mints for each crust mixed with about 3/4 of a stick of butter. I threw the cookies and the butter in my Nutri Bullet then pressed the mixture into the bottom of the pan using a spoon.

Next, I washed the Nutri Bullet and used it to combine the no-bake cheesecake mix with milk and poured it into the shells. After a few minutes, I topped the cheesecake with Thin Mint cookies. Finally, I covered, then refrigerated the desserts.

I sure hope it turns out! We'll find out tomorrow morning on air when I give it to Gary. Of course, I won't give it to him early in the show... he's lactose intolerant :)

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