If you are one of those people that counts down the days until you can buy your next box of Tagalongs or Thin Mints, here's some great news for you!

Pillsbury has announced the release of the perfect treat to tide you over until the next Girl Scout Cookie season. Introducing Girl Scout Cookie baking mixes! You can choose from Thin Mints Brownie Mix, Thin Mints Cupcake Mix, Caramel and Coconut Blondie Mix and Caramel and Coconut Cupcake Mix. Sounds yummy, huh?

According to foxla.com:

The Girl Scout Cookie sales program is one of the largest financial literacy programs for girls in the world. The program is so popular, the Girl Scouts of the USA have partnered with a few product makers to mimic the signature cookie flavors.

The baking mixes are available in grocery stores nationwide.


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