As we sat back to our enjoy our 4th of July holiday watching A Dog's Purpose and thanking the Lord above for all of the wonderful perks of being an American today, like electricity, air conditioning, movies on demand, freedom and the things we're blessed with... I finally caught our rescue Cyrus on camera actively watching and barking at dogs on TV!

Keith, my husband, and I always joke about leaving Animal Planet on all day while we're at work, but it always seemed kind of cruel. After all, we know for a fact that Cyrus watches TV... after all, he always barks at EVERY SINGLE DOG on TV! That would make for a long day for Cyrus and a sore throat!

Does anyone else have a dog that watches TV? Until we got Cyrus last August, none of our dogs have ever seemed particularly aware of what we were watching? Share your fun, funny or peculiar dog stories in the comments section. I love great dog stories!

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