Each week, Bristol's Babies shines the spotlight on adoptable pets right here in northwest Louisiana and with your help, we hope to eventually find them all homes!

When I see stories like this, I get so upset. Poor Carmella had to have been so terrified! Imagine being dropped off at a place where you can hear a bunch of other dogs barking, but you can't see them and be locked up in a tin can with no idea if anyone is coming to get you... Thankfully, the folks at Pet Savers have huge hearts and someone thought to check the van that day. They shower Carmella with love, but it's not the same as having a home of her own. Go meet Carmella today at Pet Savers of Shreveport! Her adoption fee is $175.

Here's what the Pet Savers website has to say about Carmella:

I'm Carmella a 10 week old Shepherd mix. I arrived at Pet Savers in a very unusual way. The person who brought me to Pet Savers did not go into the office to drop me off instead they left me in the Pet Savers van. I guess they were hoping that someone would be using the van soon and I would be found. I've got to tell you that was pretty scary sitting in the van just hoping someone would find me soon. I started to panic when I thought what if no one uses the van today and I'm stuck in here overnight. Lucky for me I was discovered soon after I was placed in the van. I'm thankful now that I've got my own kennel with food and water. But I will be even more thankful when I find a forever home with someone who promises to take care of me and never abandon me.

Pet Savers is located at 4380 Noyes Drive, Shreveport, LA 71119 and they are open daily from 12 pm - 4 pm. You can call them at (318) 636-0400 or reach them on Facebook with any questions! Even if you aren't able to adopt an animal at this time, Pet Savers Shreveport is always in need of donations and volunteers so please consider supporting their efforts!

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