Say 'hello' to Adele! She was found wondering around a neighborhood in Haughton and despite the person who found her trying to locate her parents, no one came forward. Now she's a Pet Savers Shreveport waiting for you to take her home!

Don't expect Adele to sing you to sleep like the British version, she just wants to cuddle! Of course, I can't promise you that she won't bark, but if you look into the sweet little face, there's no way you can deny her! Adele certainly isn't '21.' She's more like 6-months to a year old. She's also already up to date on her shots so she's ready for 'someone like you' to take her home!

Here's what the Pet Savers website has to say about Adele:

Hello, how are you? I'm Adele a little cutie who was found wandering around in a Haughton neighborhood. The lady who found me checked around to see if I belonged to anyone but didn't have any luck. She decided to bring me to Pet Savers so I can find a forever home. They think I am 6 mos. to a year old. Rumour has it you might be looking for a little cuddle buddy if that's the case I'm your girl. I'm a real little sweetie who is looking for someone like you to adopt me. If no one comes forward and claims me I will be available for adoption.

Pet Savers is located at 4380 Noyes Drive, Shreveport, LA 71119 and are open daily from 12pm - 4pm. You can call them at (318) 636-0400 or reach them on Facebook with any questions! Even if you aren't able to adopt an animal at this time, Pet Savers is always in need of donations and volunteers so please consider supporting their efforts!

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