I can't believe we just did this. It was just two years ago that my mother and I rescued an Arabian mare from the Kauffman Kill Pen and here we go again rescuing another horse, sight unseen, from the Bastrop lot.

If you don't remember Amari, the sweet mare we rescued and then lost within three weeks, here's her story. Despite an army of vets and farriers working on her, she was just too far gone to save. Amari is pictured above and I'm so glad she got to spend her last weeks with us knowing she was loved.

Despite that, I'm excited! Do we need another horse? No! Do you just see someone or something and feel a connection sometimes? Yes! This gelding stood out for both my mother and I and we decided to take a chance one more time. We don't even know his name, but you never know, we may have to have another 'name the new horse' challenge!

So we've had our hearts broken before by a rescue horse... but we've also experienced moments of pure joy with a rescues, whether they were a horse or one of our dogs or cats. I guess you can't find true happiness without giving of yourself when it comes to God's creations.

Wish us luck and if you have a heart for rescue, please check out some of the shelter pets we've highlighted in our area for adoption with Bristol's Babies.

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