Office relationships have always been taboo, and maybe that's why co-workers have always found them so exciting.  If you get caught, you are going to get embarrassed at best and fired at worst.  Since most of us don't work to just pass the time, that is more than an inconvenience - it's potentially financial and career suicide.  For some folks, it's that risk vs. reward that makes the whole gamble worthwhile.

And, while I don't condone rolling the dice on your livelihood on a little hows-your-father with the new cutie in marketing - I can understand it.  It has even worked out for the best in the rarest of occasions.  To say that this is probably the most stressful way to meet someone is an understatement, but it is about to get a whole lot easier.

If that logo looks familiar, I think you may be revealing a bit much about yourself.  The company and the logo used to be known as "3nder."  Basically, it was Tinder for folks that wanted to have threesomes.  Since they were sued for having a name so close to Tinder, they decided to change up the game and help people hook up at work.  Glad they decided to straighten up and fly right.

Be careful out there, lots of companies frown on that kind of thing in the office.  Especially in the office.  Slate has a pretty good read on it here.

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