Brad Paisley "traveled" to upstate New York for another teacher Happy Hour. Video shared on the singer's Facebook page finds him among a group of six teachers, plus their kids and their favorite drinks.

While viewers don't get a sense that Paisley surprised them in a mask as he did previously, the group of teachers all are delighted to be on a Zoom call with the superstar. But they made one critical mistake: Paisley's new single is called "No I in Beer," yet they were all drinking wine.

Somehow they swapped beverages within seconds during this highlight package and the conversation was able to proceed as planned, if Paisley had a plan when he dialed in ... except he makes clear he didn't. It's part of the charm. Enjoy.

Paisley salutes teachers during the video conference and learns that one woman's husband is currently on duty as a local police officer. The country star also shares his personal connection to teachers. Paisley's mother was a fourth grade teacher for many years when he was a kid growing up in Glen Dale, W.V.

"No I in Beer" is Paisley's new single, written several years ago but tweaked and released to reflect the times we're living in today. It's certainly not the first time he's touched on social issues with his music. "American Saturday Night" and "Welcome to the Future" both did so a decade ago, and through the years he's written and performed many comedic songs that touch on current events when he hosted the CMA Awards.

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