Brad Paisley can be seen along side a very famous face in a new series of commercials, but it’s not who you would expect — and certainly not another country star. Paisley’s small screen co-star is none other than Jack in the Box’s famed, round-headed founder, Jack! In the comical commercials, Paisley and Jack meet and the singer becomes an instant fan of the tasty burgers, though he’s hesitant at first.

One new clip, which began airing last week, shows Jack in a crowd of fans as Paisley frantically signs autographs. The restaurant mascot discretely slips in a TV commercial contract in the mix, which Paisley signs without thinking twice. Later, as the singer tries to recall with his agent how he got roped into the commercials, Jack tells him what line to say after taking a monster bite out of a burger.

As expected, Paisley’s dry sense of humor and irresistible charm make for a perfect match-up. But despite what’s shown in the commercial, the country star says he’s always been a fan of the fast food chain.

“I’ve always liked Jack in the Box’s clever, irreverent advertising and the personality of its slightly offbeat founder, Jack,” says Paisley. “When they asked me to be part of this campaign, I was flattered.”

“We approached Brad Paisley to join Jack in this upcoming campaign because of his all-American music and his witty sense of humor,” adds Terri Funk Graham, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for Jack in the Box. “We are excited to introduce his loyal country music fans to Jack in the Box. It’s going to be a lot of fun working with Brad and actively participating in our local communities to share our better burgers with current and new customers.”

The first commercials are now airing in the southeast, with a third spot breaking system-wide starting at the end of June. Check out the first of the Jack in the Box/Brad Paisley commercials below.

Watch the Brad Paisley Jack in the Box Commercial

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