Every Parent's Worst Fear Became a Reality for a Bossier Mother on Thursday.

Rachel Taylor took to her Facebook to share the horrid story of how her four-year-old daughter was left all alone on Airline Drive. If you have ever driven down Airline in Bossier you know that it is one of the busiest roads in Shreveport-Bossier.

Rachel Taylor said, "My 4 year old was left on the side of Airline Drive today, 45 minutes ahead of her scheduled bus drop off, in 107° weather, and had to run through two apartment complexes to find her way home. I thank God that she was smart and brave enough to get here all by herself, but I am beyond livid and absolutely outraged. I had even called the school today to verify the bus drop off time because it had changed. I asked if I could pick her up instead, and was told no because it was too late in the day. She was supposed to be at the bus stop at 4:13 and she ran up to our door at 3:30.
I've read through the entirety of Bossier Parish's school transportation policy manual, as well as the school's handbook, and there seems to be no policy preventing bus drivers from leaving a preschooler on the side of a busy and dangerous road without a receiving adult present. Y'all better pray for me and the entirety of the Bossier Parish school system tomorrow. I could have lost my baby in so many terrifying ways today."

Bossier Parish Schools Has Released a Statement Regarding the Situation.

Sonja Bailes the Public Relations Liaison for Bossier Parish Schools said:
"We are regretful this incident happened and take full responsibility. The person operating the software system made an honest mistake by reversing the route. Yesterday was the first day of PreK and approximately 23 students were dropped off at their assigned location where multiple parents were waiting. The driver wrongly assumed this little girl's parent was among them. We are greatly relieved she made it home safely and have since met with her mother and made assurances that the issues that led to our mistake have been corrected."

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