Bossier City Council members have voted to reject the appeal of a resident whose pit bull dogs have been deemed 'vicious and dangerous.'

Gary Neathery, who oversees Bossier Animal Control, said the dogs got out of the fence at their owner's Garden Street residence on November 30, and ended up on Ella Street in the Shady Grove subdivision.

Neathery said the dogs charged at a teenage boy and a man, and killed a cat. But the animals' owner, Vontay Morris, said his pets have never been aggressive like that.

"They've been in public plenty of times. My dogs, they do photo shoots, et cetera, et cetera, around kids," Morris told the council. "They play with my neighbor's cats."

Morris said even the mailman, the person dogs of all kinds usually hate, sent in a statement saying the dogs have always been friendly and well-behaved.

Despite his pleas, the council voted to uphold Neathery's ordinance violation. Morris can go to District Court in Benton to appeal.

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