Just as you fight off what's left of your morning "Road Rage" because of the idiot on I-20 who cut you off, this shows up on your computer.  Just as the lady in the grocery store is rude to you for absolutely no reason, you see this.  Just as you think there's no one left on the planet with a real heart comes the story of these 2 guys.  At a recent Blake Shelton concert, a couple of guys notice a handicapped man in a wheelchair crying because he couldn't see the stage.  "Patrick" was completely unable to see and was distraught about it.  Seeing his plight, the two guys in this picture, picked Patrick up and held him up for the rest of the entire concert so that he could see.  They didn't know Patrick; never met him before.  They only knew that another human being good use a good dose of kindness and they were happy to oblige.  That's the stuff "Saints" are made of.  And as you can tell from the picture, Patrick was ecstatic to have been blessed by these 2.   KMBC in Kansas City reported the story and as far as we can tell, have yet to discover the identity of these 2 heroic rescuers. Regardless of who they are, I'm tickled to think people like this still exist. See anything like this yourself?  Send us the story.  Its about time that some "Good News" wins out over the alternative.  Oh and THANK YOU GUYS!  You've earned our respect and thousands of others on Facebook.  I only wish their were more of you!!

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