I celebrated another birthday last week (Hey, I think Chris Evans did too), and my boyfriend had one 2 days later. Well, they don't call me "Last Minute Ally" for nothing, and he got his present yesterday. It was a good one too, some sort of weight lifting bar holder thingie that I heard him talk about once and by a rare stroke of luck, happened to pick out the right one.

Then he sounded a little sad saying, "I don't know what I can use for your birthday present." I'm not sure what THAT'S supposed to mean. I mean, we've been moving and had a lot of household expenses, but if he thinks he's going to use a dishwasher as my birthday present, he obviously has never cleaned up after eating a knuckle sandwich before. haha

In all seriousness, neither of us are very aggressive when it comes to presents. I have no idea what to tell him to get me...because that's what it's going to take. I'm either going to have to ask him for the money to get it myself or draw a map and paint a picture for him. I was thinking he could just pay for my hair to get touched up. I mean, my roots are kinda showing, but I'd be getting that anyway, and isn't that against the whole purpose of a present anyway?

So, I need ideas. I'm just a normal chick. I'm not super high maintenance but I don't ride 4-wheelers (very well anyway). Leave a comment and give me some ideas...PLEASE!

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