Truth is always stranger than fiction! Bette Midler had some chickens that she named after the Kardashian sisters. She had Kim, Kourtney and Khloe… and Kim died… from a yeast infection.

As many suspected, the medical examiner has confirmed that Prince died of an accidental overdose. He had been taking a powerful painkiller called Fentanyl that is apparently 25-50% more potent than heroin. They don’t know if he had a prescription for the drug but a few different doctors names have come up and I’m sure it’ll be investigated thoroughly.

Have you seen the new Dos Equis commercial with Erin Andrews? It’s great! And no, Erin is not the new Most Interesting Person in the World, in fact, she’s only the 5,008th most interesting!

Blake Shelton says he’ll be sad when this year’s presidential election is over. Why? He says it’s not only addicting, it’s one of the most entertaining things he’s ever seen!

$100,000 Pyramid is back and some of the celebrity matchups will leave you scratching your head… ready for this? Deion Sanders will be pitted against Jon Lovitz and Martha Stewart will be taking on Snoop Dogg.

Celebrity Birthdays June 3:
Anderson Cooper 49
Michelle Keegan 29

Celebrity Birthdays June 4:
Angelina Jolie 41
Russell Brand 41
Noah Wyle 44

Celebrity Birthdays June 5:
Mark Wahlberg 45
Mike Fisher 36

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