This music has some real a-peel.

YouTube channel Unbox Therapy has made this viral video in which a guy plays bananas as a music instrument.

With a little help from Makey Makey, a gizmo that lets any object become a touchpad while serving as a button for your computer, these bananas go from a potassium-fueled food to a rhythmic sensation.

Sure, the only time you've seen a banana as an instrument is probably while walking by a homeless guy who used it as a drumstick while not making imaginary calls when it served as his cell phone. But make no mistake -- or should we say Makey Makey no mistake? -- these bananas are definitely making music.

This needs to go next level, though. Cantaloupe would make a heck of a drum, a celery stalk seems like a natural fit for a ukulele and a sticking a carrot on a pomegranate could easily double for a makeshift maraca.

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