Why lie, I have not gone out to shoot my gun in 4 years. Not long ago I something happened that made me feel scared, unsafe, and powerless. I shared my scare with a friend who asked me "Why don't you have a concealed carry license?" She was right. So, I am doing something about it and I hope you'll join me.

I will be taking the Women’s Introductions to Firearms course at Davtac on November 5th. Sorry boys, this is a ladies-only class. The course is designed specifically with women in mind and each class is tailored to answer specific questions and concerns of all of us in attendance.

If you want to increase your confidence and improve your weapon handling skills this class is for you. We will shoot the gun we bring to class as well as rifles and shotguns provided by the Davtac range. If you don't have a gun, no worries, you can rent one from Davtac. Get signed up for the course on November 5th by clicking here.

The only things you need to bring (if you have them) are a pistol and 50 rounds of ammo.

According to the Davtac website the course includes but is not limited to:

Safe Handling
Types of pistols and rifle
Loading and Unloading
Proper Grip and Stance
Shooting Techniques

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