Atkins Elementary School says it's "time to make a change."

The Miracle Challenge is wrapping up. It's been 27 days of getting fit and helping local kids. We're raising money for Children's Miracle Network to help kids right here in Shreveport-Bossier. Every dollar raised stays here to fund the 17 programs funded by CMN at CHRISTUS Health Shreveport-Bossier, like the School-Based Health Centers, which operates like a hospital on the the school's campus.

Atkins Elementary School has a school-based health center on campus and they've really gotten behind the Miracle Challenge. According to Sister Sharon, the kids have gone "wild" raising money.

"On Monday's, the school begins the day with a one-minute workout. The principal plays one minute of music on the PA and the entire school (principal, teachers, students, cafeteria ladies, office staff, maintenance guys) must stop what they are doing, get up and dance. The kids are loving it! I bet that this will not end with the challenge!"

The kids have also taken it upon themselves to collect pennies for CMN. They want to help and contribute to the cause so they are collecting all that they can and giving from their hearts.

If you'd like to help, just like the kids at Atkins Elementary, you can donate to my page. You'll also be entered to win LSU football tickets for their game against Florida on October 17.

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