I still have not mastered the whole first date thing. It is nerve racking. You don't know what to say. It can be pretty awkward. Just don't do these things and you'll be good on the first date.

According to The Bustle, Plenty of Fish, a dating app, did a study and asked 2,000 singles what they consider to be deal breakers on a first date. They compiled the top 5 deal breakers people are guilty of doing which include:

  1. Looking down at your phone
  2. Taking smoke breaks
  3. Being rude
  4. Talking about past relationships
  5. Having nothing in common

I am pretty sure the biggest deal breaker I have encountered on a first date is when I met up with a guy from Tinder and we saw Wonder Woman at Tinseltown. He fell asleep during the movie! Who does that? Who falls asleep during one of the best movies in the DC cinematic universe?

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