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Louisiana is known all over the world for having some of the best food on the planet! So, when it comes to the average Louisiana resident, how well can we cook? Well... we need to talk.

I have several 'go-to' dishes I can make by memory. I can make a rocking crawfish pasta, crack chicken, or chicken tortilla soup with my eyes closed. I'm sure there's more, but most of them are something I make by rote, like mashed potatoes, grilling a steak, whipping up some chicken salad, etc... I also have several dishes I make with the help of my trusty Paula Deen cookbook for reference like baked mac and cheese, casseroles galore, etc... However, it seems like we're falling short of our reputation for culinary supremacy.

According to a study by, the average Louisiana resident can only cook four meals without the help of a recipe. While one would assume we'd increase our cooking repertoire during the pandemic, that wasn't the case. Maybe it's because of how easy it is to have food delivered via Uber Eats or Waitr? Maybe we got sick of doing dishes and decided microwave meals were the way to go?

Regardless, it's sad that states like Alabama, Arkansas, Michigan, Utah, and Vermont all kick our butt in terms of what's cooking in our average kitchen. This is one area where I know we can do better, Louisiana. Just remember, tomatoes DO NOT belong in gumbo!


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