It looks like we are getting closer to a world like the show Black Mirror (BTW if you haven't watched it on Netflix, I highly recommend it.) The reason why I think this is because there are more and more new stories coming out about more cars becoming driverless and smart phone creators playing with the idea of mixing them with drones so that they float near our faces. Picture this: a world where everything we interacted with was an apple product that looked and worked all the same way.

Well our cars are becoming more and more like that- According to Verge, we will soon have cars with apps in the dashboard much like our cell phones do now.

Verge quoted Colin Bird, senior analyst at IHS Markit saying, "IHS already predicts there are 7 million vehicles on the road with 'infotainment capable updates," That is just fancy science-tech talk for we could get updates on maps and we could order coffee with just a few taps on our dashboards according to Verge.

This kinda creeps me out that we are getting on a whole new level when it comes to technology, but it is also pretty exciting. What is next for technology? I am putting my money on hover boards.

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