Traditions at the end of the school year are very common across the country. Seniors typically jump in and do some pranks before the end of the year. But the seniors are already done for the year and they will graduate over the next few days.


But several schools have started a new tradition for other students. This latest one is called "anything but a backpack day". Youngsters bring their books and other stuff in something different. Backpacks are frowned upon on this hilarious day. Well, this tradition has taken off in a big way. Youngsters bring strollers, ice chests and many other items to haul their belongings.

But this one takes the cake.

I found this message on Congressman Mike Johnson's Facebook page:

"This has been a long and difficult week on Capitol Hill, so I needed the good laugh I got when Kelly sent me these video clips. Today was “Anything BUT a Backpack Day” at Benton High. Some kids brought grocery carts or wheelbarrows, etc, to carry their books. Our son Jack brought… his kayak… strapped to a skateboard... pulled by Kate's Jeep. Clever. : )"

It doesn't get much more creative than that. Jack wins the prize for the best idea of the year for this funny day. So clever and I'm sure he had a little help from Mom to get this all organized. Wonder how he went up the stairs with the kayak, though. Maybe he has no classes upstairs.  Good job Jack Johnson.

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