Even though our weather quickly returned to normal (thanks Barksdale Bubble), we will still have to deal with the lingering effects for quite some time.

The lasting damage caused by last week's weather is surely not lost on anyone. Take a drive around the Shreveport-Bossier City area and you can see the damage for yourself. From buildings collapsing in on themselves, to busted water pipes all over town, the physical damage left behind is certainly eye-opening.

Physical damage isn't the only damage we've been left with. Gas prices will also continue to rise in the coming days and weeks in our state. You can read more about that by clicking here.

Also, one area that may not be top of mind for most of us is our Louisiana crops and our farmers who make it all possible.

Strawberry farmers across our state took to their fields today to get a first-hand look and the damage that was done, and it wasn't good. As of right now, it appears that we lost 30-50% of our strawberry harvest across the state. Owner of Harris Farmers in Springfield, Trey Harris says, "From being under for so long, we were under for six to seven days, and they had some moisture built up under them on some of the berries, and some of them started rotting under the stems.”

Luckily, there is time for our farmers to salvage their season, with the peak-time for strawberries coming in mid-April.



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