Never was the label "Institute Of Higher Learning" more appropriate than it is for Tulane University in New Orleans. just published its list of the 2017 Top Party Schools in America.  After analyzing all the data and receiving reviews from students, Tulane was rated #1 in the country.  This dubious distinction was conferred upon the school after much, no doubt, sober reflection.  Like looking at schools' Greek life, athletics performance and, of course, access to bars.

So what does the top-ranked Party School in America do after receiving such a prestigious award? It gets into the beer business, of course!

Tulane has just announced a new partnership with NOLA Brewing Company to trademark its own beer.  According to the Louisiana Radio Network the brew will be called Green Wave Beer and will be a filtered version of a Heffeweizen which is a German wheat beer.  This type of beer uses a significant amount of malted wheat in place of malted barley which gives it a dry, slightly bitter taste.

Officials say the beer will be available at Tulane Stadium just in time for the home opener of the Green Wave football season on September 2nd and should be in stores sometime in late September.

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