If you have lived in SBC for awhile you probably recognize Doug Fernandez, he was a News Anchor at KTBS in Shreveport. Doug Fernandez now works in Albuquerque New Mexico. Let's face it, we have all had THAT day where we just go behind a door and lose it at work. Unfortunately for Doug Hernandez, the cameras were still rolling and many folks experienced the beauty of Live TV. Rule number one Doug, the camera is ALWAYS on. Rule number 2, someone will always hit that DVR rewind button and catch that exact moment you give up. Audio and video glitches are no fun, and can make even the most seasoned News Anchors lose it. Cheer up Doug, your Shreveport family understands! We are here for you need be. We can all throw papers up in the air together, it will be fun. Come back to us!

Did you ever meet Doug Fernandez when he was working here in Shreveport? Share your Doug experience, and a picture if you have it.


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