A group that deserves all of our support is going to be bringing their mobile unit out to Waskom on Friday 6/15/18. If you have pets that need to be spayed or neutered but you don't have a alot of extra cash in the bank consider the Animal PRotection League. Their mission is to reduce all the horrid senseless euthanasia in our area by spaying and neutering dogs and cats. You will see a surge of "free puppies" and "free kittens" on the Facebook and Craigslist soon, why? It's puppy and kitten season. Did you knwo that over 1.5 Million pets are euthanized every year? You can make a difference, by spaying and neutering your animals.

The animal Protection League will be set up at 685 W Texas Ave. The vaccinations will be given from 10am-2pm. Rabies vaccinations are only $10.00, and you can get the complete list of what the APL offers here. Make sure your dogs are on a leash and cats are in carriers. The Animal Protection League will be back in Waskom on July 6th, if you are interested in scheduling a surgery for your pet call (903)753-7387.

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