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John Moore/Getty Images
John Moore/Getty Images

What they say is true.  There's no love like the love you receive from a child or an animal. It's unconditional. It's never ending. And when that infant or man's best friend is sick or injured, they really have no way to tell you where it hurts.

Thank goodness for people like the Animal Emergency Clinic, 2421 Line Avenue in Shreveport, who are not just there during regular work hours, but nights and weekends as well.

But now, there's a slight wrinkle in their plans.  We've learned from their Facebook Page, that Animal Emergency Clinic is temporarily closed. According to their post, "Due to COVID-19 Exposure the Animal Emergency Clinic will be temporarily closed until a tentative  date of July 6, 2020.  Please contact your regular veterinarian in advance for advice on what to do should you experience an emergency situation.  We deeply apologize for the inconvenience and will return to serve the community as soon as it is safe to do so."

In this short time until they are able to re-open their Line Avenue doors, the clinic gives us several other options for alternative emergency clinics including the following:

  • The East Texas Pet Emergency Clinic in Longview is (903) 759-8544
  • The Animal Emergency Clinic in West Monroe is (318) 410-0555
  • Crossroads Animal Emergency Clinic in Alexandria is (318)427-1292

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