Remember how excited we were that Louisiana has been on an exciting lottery win streak? We thought that perhaps Lady Luck had finished her work with Louisiana. The good news is we were wrong.

Lady Luck Just Proved She Loves Louisiana.

Remember a few weeks ago when a Mega Millions ticket was sold in Rayne, Louisiana? One lucky Louisianain scored a $30,000 payday and we all thought we were so special to have a big win. Then a couple of weeks later on March 23rd Powerball announced a $50,000 win. Then Saturday night had a huge win for northwest Louisiana. An Easy 5 winner in Ruston instantly won $100,000?

USA Mega YouTube
USA Mega YouTube

If You Thought That Lady Luck Was Done With Louisiana Think Again.

The Powerball had a big drawing for $207,000,000 on March 30, 2022. The winning numbers were 03 07 21 31 37 Powerball 11 Powerplay x3. The Lottery's website claims that there wasn't a big-ticket sold that matched every single number. However, someone in the Bayou state did win $50,000.

One Single Ticket in Louisiana Matched 4 of the 5 White Balls and the Powerball.

The $50,000 winner was sold at 2023 Williams Boulevard, which is pretty exciting since this gas station is considered an airport gas station. Could someone have flown into New Orleans Airport and instantly gotten lucky?

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