Shopping at Whole Foods is the dream.  I can picture aisle after gleaming aisle stacked to the brim with healthy, exotic, and unique food stuff - usually reserved for folks on a slightly  different pay scale than me.  I'm not saying that I've never shopped there, I'm just saying there's no way I could afford to buy all of my groceries there - usually.

Just ahead of what has to be the biggest food shopping holiday in America, the store commonly referred to as "Whole Paycheck" will be slashing prices in an effort to draw in more customers.  CNBC reports that the exclusive grocery chain will be cutting prices on Thanksgiving staples such as whole turkeys, canned pumpkin, potatoes, and more.

While this move is certainly aimed at consumers shopping for Thanksgiving - it seems far from a hoax.  Online retail giant Amazon acquired Whole Foods Market earlier this year and has made a concerted effort to change the public's perception off the store.  Within a weeks of the $13.7 billion deal, discounts were announced on bananas, eggs, meat, and more.

Hopefully, this trend will continue and food costs will drop at all grocery stores - then I could shop at Whole Foods Market all the time (instead of pretending to when I need a pick me up).

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