Okay, lets be honest real quick! You know you have done it before and you know you will do it again, I am talking about wearing pajamas in public.

Some might turn their nose up in disgrace, but they don't know freedom until you are in Walmart at 1 a.m. rocking some cookie monster pajama pants. As someone who is a fan of public pajamas I have set up for you the guidelines for wearing pajamas in public.

And yes, I am currently wearing my pajamas as I write this.

The Formal Guidelines to Wearing PJs in Public

  • You can only wear PJs at Walmart between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m.
  • PJs and Drive Thrus are always a good idea.
  • Having a small child with you is always a green light to wear pajamas. Usually that means that your whole focus is keeping that child alive- no time for real pants.
  • Sundays are the best days for rocking jammies all day. (Except at church)
  • The pharmacy is a great place to rock the PJs.
  • The best paring of pajama bottoms is a nice college sweat shirt. It gives the illusion that you are going somewhere in life.
  • Weddings and large parties are not a good idea for pajamas, but if you have a group of pajama ambassadors then it works.

Metro tried to make an argument that pajamas are never a good idea if you are going out into the world. They obviously have never experienced true comfort.

When do you rock the jammies in public?

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