LSU fans will not like these billboards.

This photo of several billboards has surfaced on Twitter for #BamaHateWeek in Baton Rouge. The billboards imply that Bama will score a lot against LSU this Saturday in "Death Valley."

The signs also encourage LSU fans to donate to a hurricane relief fund, which I'm sure LSU fans won't mind doing so, but to be told to do so by a Bama fan?

To be fair, LSU fans have paid for billboards in Alabama demanding that the SEC #FreeDevinWhite. Yes, "hate week" is full-swing in both cities and on both college campuses.

LSU and Alabama square off in Tiger Stadium Saturday night at 7 pm on CBS Sports.

Here's a look at the billboards that are reportedly up in the Baton Rouge area.

Twitter Via Caroline Tilton
Twitter Via Caroline Tilton

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