University of Louisiana at Lafayette students have been put on notice.  It seems that the beautiful home of the Ragin' Cajuns is also home to several protected species of swamp creatures like turtles, fish, birds, and alligators.  

Nature is taking its course, and university officials are warning students that it could get dangerous.  Now that the gators have started to build nests and lay eggs, they could become aggressive towards any creature they think is getting close to their precious gator-eggs.  The problem is, these denizens of the swamp call Cypress Lake (a small lake on the campus) home.  That means a higher than normal likelihood of college student/alligator interaction.  If you are a biology major, that's probably a good thing - but for everyone else involved, not so much.

Students and guests are asked to keep their pets away from the placid lake for obvious reasons.  According to WGNO, officials with the university are also asking everyone to stay at least 10 feet away from retention walls, watch your kids, and try to avoid antagonizing the giant murder logs.

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