During Governor John Bel Edwards' Stay-At-Home Order, many people have expressed concern about when churches will be allowed to reopen, bringing the issue of religious liberty to the forefront.

Well, Attorney General Jeff Landry is calling for Edwards to amend his Emergency Proclamation so Churches and Houses of Worship can immediately being the process of reopening, while following specific best practice guidelines.

"As other states begin reopening and unrest in the Legislature continues, I believe many faith-based congregations will begin to meet with or without guidance," wrote AG Landry in a letter to the governor. "We are be better served by taking a proactive approach by publishing reopening guidelines that take a phased approach to faith services restarting. Without guidance based on best practices in place, this could be disastrous."

Landry included a draft set of guidelines for reopening and operating these places, including encouraging at-risk individuals and those with symptoms of illness to stay at home, exercising best sanitation practices, and making other appropriate adjustments.

"Religious liberty is a bedrock principled right from which our freedom flows."

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