Garth Brooks is pretty cool. If you like music at all, there's at least one Garth song you know pretty well.  The man has slayed country music, and live performance for decades.   It's nice to see a guy who owns the country concert game paying such close attention to his fans.  It was at a recent show in Oklahoma that the G-Man flexed his empathetic prowess for thousands of concert goers to see when he noticed two of the Garth faithful making googly eyes at each other.  Mr. Brooks stopped the show right in the middle of "Unanswered Prayers" to shake a little extra Garth-Magic on the situation.

Not only did the Shameless One bring more charm to Drew Bargsley and Chelsea Townsend's "engaging" moment, he offered to pay for Texas couple's honeymoon if they wanted to go to Hawaii.  They agreed, because Hawaii is very romantic and no one says no to Garth Brooks.  Trisha Yearwood was also there, and congratulated the couple during her set.  She also cautioned the rest of the concert by joking, "No one else gets engaged tonight..."

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