In a story we first reported in July of this year, Centurylink has notified Bossier City and SMG that they will not be renewing their naming rights to Bossier City’s concert venue, currently known as Centurylink Center. The venue will only remain "Centurylink Center" until October 2020 when the current contract expires.

That got our wheels turning and we’ve come up with a list of sponsors we think would not only benefit greatly from naming our “center” but would also bring some added exposure and clout to our area.

Just imagine if it were named the “Southern Maid Donut Dome.”  Maybe they’d pass out free donuts at every event?  Or what if was the “Amazon Center?”  Can’t you hear those commercials now?  Blake Shelton welcomes you to “The Amazon!”

Here’s a list of what we’ve come up with, but feel free to add to it with your thoughts:

*Blue Bell Bowl

*Bass Pro Center

*Academy Arena

*Dos Equis Dome

*Sonic Stadium

*Johnny’s Pizza House

*Chic-Fil-A Center

*Popeyes Pavilion

*Winchester Theater

*The Skoal Can

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