Get ready for a party Thursday night! December 13th will be a loud and rowdy night at Centurylink in Bossier. Cole Swindell is bringing Dustin Lynch and Lauren Alaina along for his Reason to Drink... Another Tour. With all the preparations going down for the concert chances are you need to prepare too! If you have not gotten tickets for the concert yet just click here and buy your tickets. If you have your tickets already, then you just need to make sure you know the following 5 songs so you can sing/scream them come Thursday night!

1. "Chillin' It"- The song that made us all fall in love with Cole Swindell in the first place!

2. "Let Me See Ya Girl"- Lighthearted and playful, Cole shows off his ability to kick off a party with just one song.

3. "Hope You Get Lonely Tonight"- Just remember according to Cole Swindell you can always blame it on the whiskey.

4. "Ain't Worth the Whiskey"- I mean, haven't we all sang and drank along to this song?

5. "You Should Be Here"- Cole Swindell wrote the song after he lost his dad, and chances are there won't be a dry eye at Centrylink when he sings it.

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