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We can't wait. A Shreveport legend has new life, and the people behind it are really coming in hot. Some of these menu items are knocking our socks off with their creativity, names, and infusion of classic Nobel Savage vibes, with some new energy.

Head Chef of The Nobel Savage Shreveport, Brandon Sooter, shared with us a behind the scenes look before the Savage reopens...softly...this week. Some of what he shared has us ready to order now.

Before we look at the mouthwatering pictures, lets talk about the menu.

Without breaking down every single item on the menu, why don't we start by reviewing some incredibly clever names for their dishes. Names that make us want to leave a bigger tip just by reading them. Like The Full Monte, The Basic Betty Burger, Knife In The Back, Jive Turkey, Loco Amigo, Muff Divin', and the Holy Tomahawk.

Oh, there are some more too, but you're going to have to check out their full menu here to see it all.

One of the classic things that I always think about when it comes to the history of the Noble Savage is the eclectic meat. When I first moved to the Shreveport area, I was told about this legendary place downtown where you can get weird meat and good drinks. I was inside the doors within my first few days after moving here, and stopped in regularly. The promise of cool dishes got my attention.

It's good to see some of that is being intertwined with the new menu. One of the first menu items you'll see (unless you flip straight to the desserts) is under the "Shareables". It's listed without a clever name, just Meatballs. But these meatballs will be made with ground ostrich. Boom. History and new school blended together with one quick addition. Brilliant.

Check out the sneak peek here:

Sneak Peek Inside The Revamped Nobel Savage

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