When I First Made the Move to Shreveport-Bossier I Fell In Love With Real BBQ and More.

It wasn't just the delicious food that had me going back. If you spent any time in Real BBQ you met Mister Harvey and his wife and in the later years of Real BBQ we all came to love the woman that made the place run, Harvey's daughter Erica.

Real BBQ Broke So Many Hearts When They Announced They Were Closing The Doors For Good.

In October 2022 all woke up to a Facebook post from Real BBQ and More claiming that they had to close their doors to the public. What was really concerning is that there was no timeline as to when Real BBQ would open back up.

Real BBQ Blamed Rising Food Costs and High Rent.

At first, we thought it was going to be a temporary closure to help reorganize, however, the for sale sign went up and many of us were bummed out. If the building was for sale, what does that mean for the Real BBQ and More business?

The Real BBQ Family Tradition Will Keep Going Through Erica.

The Clays couldn't stay gone from the restaurant scene for long. Crawfish BBQ and More is in the works and the planned location isn't near the previous Real BBQ location.

According to Real BBQ and More's Facebook Page

"The New location is 1/3 mile south of I-20 on Hearne, in the old Grady's BBQ and most recently Krab King. Expecting within a month. I will post and shout out as we get nearer."


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